American Domme Tied and Cuffed 1
American Domme Tied and Cuffed 2

Stunning American Dominatrix Zara liore has managed to untie herself and she throws the rope away in disgust , the guy has put handcuffs on the bed and Zara tells him it’s not going to happen but suddenly it looks like he is hiding something and she realises she may get hurt if she doesn’t do as she is told .

She picks up the handcuffs and locks one onto her left wrist and just as she is about to lock her right wrist he gestures to her to turn around and handcuff her wrists behind her back.

She slowly turns around and puts the second cuff onto her wrist; he comes over and tightens both cuffs so they do not move.

She is then put on her front lying on her bed and she knows what’s coming. We come back to find her handcuffs are connected to her legs and there is rope tied around her boots.

She is in a hogtie position and has Duct Tape placed over her mouth.

She tries to talk but all that comes out is muffled words.

She is in real trouble now as the cuffs on her wrists are just too tight to get out of.

She struggles and twists in her bonds but there is no escape, but what is in store for the Dominatrix who got captured and is helpless...