Anna Lee in Handcuff Me  1
Anna Lee in Handcuff Me  2
Anna Lee in Handcuff Me  3
Anna Lee in Handcuff Me  4

Gorgeous Anna Lee is Desperate to tell her Husband she likes to be handcuffed and wants to play .lying on her bed in her underwear she looks just Super-Hot .She Tells him “Handcuff Me " and she has her Wrists Handcuffed in Front of Her. He then Locks her Ankles in another pair and she is then left to struggle as a third pair are attached to the other two and she can’t really go far .She is Kept Barefoot so I can see her Lovely Feet. He throws her the keys to release herself and just as she gets unlocked she is on her front and her Hands are handcuffed behind Her Back. She is Hogcuffed and she complains that she did not agree to this then she says “Don’t gag me “too late a strip of Ducktape is put over her lips and she still Gag Talks throughout her ordeal. Will she be let free again? EH NO!!!