Ariel Anderssen in The Surprise 1
Ariel Anderssen in The Surprise 2
Ariel Anderssen in The Surprise 3
Ariel Anderssen in The Surprise 4

Gorgeous Blonde Ariel Anderssen is the most perfect English Lady there is, She has a Very Posh accent and is just very Kinky under that upper class exterior.

Well she has a surprise for her husband who is making his way home from work and he has been pushing her to tell him what this surprise is.

She has been browsing the Naughty internet pages to buy handcuffs and a ballgag as she always wanted to try locking herself up.

 Well she fastens the Ballgag into her mouth and locks the leg shackles around her ankles quickly, she is trying to lock the shackle around her wrist but it’s a bit fidgety, she eventually manages and has her wrists locked in front of her.

But the feeling of helplessness is starting to get her very horny and she starts to rub her boobs and before long her long legs are in the air and she is rubbing her panties. So Horney she doesn’t hear the door open and in walks her husband who has caught her rubbing her pussy. He grabs the keys and walks out of the room much to her displeasure. Sorry lady you started to play with yourself so you can stay locked up for a while longer.