Natalia Forrest Handcuffed Honey 1
Natalia Forrest Handcuffed Honey 2
Natalia Forrest Handcuffed Honey 3
Natalia Forrest Handcuffed Honey 4

Stunning British Glamour Model is heading or a night out on the town looking just gorgeous in her little black dress and classy wristwatch. But suddenly she is Hand gagged from behind and handcuffed to a chair. She has Cub Irish 8's Locked around the back of the chair holding her wrists firmly and 2 pairs of Normal Police type chain Handcuffs around those Tiny Ankles. She struggles like crazy but She has been Tape gagged to keep her quiet. she hears some body at the door and mmmmmmpppphhssss to attract attention and the door opens and in walks a Policewoman. all is ok and she will be saved Right? Wrong! she sees the Policewoman put her hands up and Spreads herself against the wall. It looks like there are Two captives for our Bad Guy. Stay Tuned for 2 Handcuffed Hotties as its all you expect it to be!