Ariel Anderssen Handcuffed and Ziptied  1
Ariel Anderssen Handcuffed and Ziptied  2
Ariel Anderssen Handcuffed and Ziptied  3
Ariel Anderssen Handcuffed and Ziptied  4

Ariel Anderssen the tall blonde English stunner has a real kinky side to her. She is sitting on a chair with her ankles ziptied together and another ziptied fastening them to the chair bottom. She has a few zipties around her chest. She brings her wrists to the front of her and pulls down the cleave gag in her mouth, she then takes out a cloth that was stuffed in her mouth and asks you “I Wonder If You Might Handcuff Me Now “?

She then puts the stuffing back into her mouth and puts the cleave gag back between her teeth, she pushes against the chair back and pulls the zipties back around her chest. She puts her hands behind her back; you take the cuffs and fasten one around her left wrist below her wristwatch. And then you cuff her right wrist. You stand back and she spins around slightly and the moans coming from her lets you know she is so turned on by this.

She is wriggling around on the chair getting very excited at her predicament and after a few minutes you cut through the zipties around her chest and she loves this.

You cut through the zipties connecting her to the chair and also cut through the ziptied that is fastened around her long black boots. You unlock the cuff on her right wrist and she then pulls down the cleave gag and removes the stuffing  she then she thanks you so much for tying her up as she Pays You !

So this beautiful woman has hired you to handcuff her and gag her and ziptied her to a chair!!!

Well you take the money and then suddenly put the right cuff back on her wrist. She says how she has paid you and realises you are not in the mood to uncuff her as you start to walk away, she has not understood that you like to lock up beautiful girls and keep them. !!!